About me

Martin Pykalo_Standing


I am a Registered Architect practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since settling here nearly a decade ago I have been very fortunate to not only establish my career in this thriving marketplace but to also root my family life to this beautiful place.

As your professional service provider I strive to help you achieve all of your project goals. My aim is to do this through the application of consistent high standards of professionalism, quality and timely delivery of service. My focus is on design principles that help us preserve the natural beauty and environmental wealth with which we are blessed in our part of the world.

Reliable and Responsive
Always striving to provide reliable and responsive professional services to my clients, I will work with you to fully understand all of your project parameters. This is key in defining the necessary scope of service, as well as the nature and character of service that you expect.

Trust and Teamwork
Understanding that most clients favour a collaborative process and expect to work closely with their architect in a relationship of teamwork and trust, my open approach will help you define your specific project needs. Ultimately this level of mutual understanding will allow us to focus the necessary expertise, experience and creativity to address those needs.

Your Needs and Your Wants
I will work with you to develop a design aesthetic that suits your discerning taste and serves to express your individuality. I will also pay particular attention to the needs of all end users and make sure that your design is efficient and fully meets these needs.

Easy Municipal Approvals
My professional services assure that your project easily receives the necessary approvals from all authorities having jurisdiction.

On Budget and On Schedule
I will work closely with you, and the entire project team, to arrive at a design that can be built on budget and on schedule. This includes a focus on a project that is easily constructed, and where trade sequencing and detailing are well thought out.

Savings During Construction
The documents that are my instruments of service to you are the instructions according to which contractors build your project. I will make certain that drawings and specifications produced for your project are as complete, accurate and coordinated as is possible. This level of service is proven to save enormous amounts of effort during construction by avoiding expensive contract change orders which ultimately leads to best value for your investment.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
I will work with you to assess your expectations regarding energy efficiency and long term building performance. Should you choose to exceed regulatory requirements and pursue an energy efficient project, I will work with you to select the most appropriate energy performance measures and will provide assistance securing access to current incentive programs.


Working with you satisfies my desire to be a positive contributor to a better built environment. I relish the process of defining the project program, analyzing your needs, visualizing the outcome, and finally bringing your project to life. When you happily enter your completed building for the first time I will be there with you to share in your rush of pride and achievement.


Lighthouse Park

I captured this photo while trying long exposure tripod photography from the rocks of Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. It depicts our beautiful home.