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When are the Services of an Architect Required in British Columbia?

British Columbia law, through the Architects Act, mandates that persons who are not architects are prohibited from promoting or providing architectural services on projects which involve the following typologies and scope:

Public Assembly Occupancies (Group A – Part 3):

  • Any one-storey building with an unsupported span exceeding 9 m or gross area exceeding 275 m2
  • Any building of more than one storey with gross area exceeding 235 m2
  • All schools, any size

Hospital, Sanatorium, or Home for the Aged, Institutional (Group B – Part 3):

  • Any building (excluding veterinary hospital) with a capacity exceeding 12 beds
  • Any building with gross area exceeding 470 m2

Residential, Hotel or Similar Occupancy (Group C):

  • Any building containing 5 or more dwelling units
  • Any building containing 11 or more guest rooms

Commercial (Group D & E):

  • any building with gross area exceeding 470 m2

Industrial (Group F, F1 – Part 3):

  • any building with gross area exceeding 470 m2

Furthermore the British Columbia Building Code and/or the Vancouver Building Bylaw mandate that architects are required to be engaged for design and field review and to provide corresponding assurances on all Part 3 buildings (of any occupancy or size) and any Part 9 buildings with common egress systems and firewalls.


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